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It’s Leap Year! He said ‘yes’

on Monday, 24 February 2020.

Reef Sri Lanka Leap Year

You do not need the excuse of Leap Year for a woman to propose to a man anymore  but if you would like an excuse of a Leap Year to propose then 2020 is the year and 29 February is the date.

The tradition of a woman proposing marriage to a man is supposed to originate from a deal that Saint Bridget struck with Saint Patrick.

In the United Kingdom, a woman was allowed to propose marriage on Leap Day and if refused the man was obliged to buy her new gloves on Easter Day.

In some areas a woman could propose for the entire leap year

At Reef we follow the latter tradition

And, no, being optimists we do not sell gloves in our gift shop. However, Sri Lanka is the perfect place to buy gemstones for an engagement at ring