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at Bolgoda Lake

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Just a twenty minute drive from Reef Sri Lanka brings you to the wonderfully tranquil Bolgoda Lake which is a 400 square kilometre wetland consisting of two lakes. It is the largest and most diverse freshwater lake in Sri Lanka with the highest biodiversity in the island. The mangrove swamps offer a refuge for aquatic birds and fauna.

Enjoy a private excursion on the lake in Reef’s private motorboat boat. Spot purple herons, pelicans, endless waders, wildfowl, cormorants, and a variety of kingfishers, see eagles and other seabirds. The numerous species of plants and animals in this calm and tranquil environment is really a naturalist's dream. Observe the fishermen casting their lines and the unusual ‘fence-like’ cane traps to capture the barramundi fish.

A wonderful getaway from it all and a truly unforgettable experience.

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